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Adam's Seizure (Clough)

Acrylic on card, 21 x 19.4 cm. 2020.

A painting after Arthur Hugh Clough's unfinished 'Fragments of the Mystery of the Fall.' An excerpt of the poem:

 Misery, oh my misery! O God, God!
How could I ever, ever, could I do it?
Whither am I come? where am I? O me, miserable
My God, my God, that I were back with Thee!
O fool! O fool! O irretrievable act!
   Irretrievable what, I should like to know?
What act, I wonder? What is it I mean?
   O heaven! the spirit holds me; I must yield;
Up in the air he lifts me, casts me down;
I writhe in vain, with limbs convulsed, in the void.
   Well, well! go idle words, babble your will;
I think the fit will leave me ere I die.

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