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Enter Evening/May's Love

Acrylic and pen on board, 29.7 x 40 cm. 2022.

An abstract illustration of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem 'May's Love.' This was my second attempt at a painting based on that poem - see the first completed version here (my third attempt).

This version, which remained unfinished for several months, is also named after a track from jazz pianist Cecil Taylor's 1966 album Unit Structures, 'Enter, Evening.' Taylor's music provided the impetus for understanding and completing this earlier draft of the 'May's Love' painting. 


You love all, you say,
 Round, beneath, above me:
Find me then some way
 Better than to love me,
Me, too, dearest May!


O world-kissing eyes
 Which the blue heavens melt to;
I, sad, overwise,
 Loathe the sweet looks dealt to
All things—men and flies.


You love all, you say:
 Therefore, Dear, abate me
Just your love, I pray!
 Shut your eyes and hate me—
Only me —fair May!

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