I am a self-taught painter of intensely focused abstract pictures based on music, poetry and mythology. Painting for me is an attempt at communication. All forms of art are basically methods of assimilating and conveying our experiences, and painting is the method that seems most natural to me.

Human culture is a cumulative process; it might not be evolving in a straight line, but it is certainly evolving, always crystallizing anew, catching the light, refracting and reflecting, exposing new regions of the dark chaos around us and inside us. Learning to understand, to draw upon, and to contribute to this process of evolution has been the goal of many artists, and it is also mine. To that end, my paintings often refer to various historical and contemporary sources of inspiration. Because they are abstract, this is not so different from a composer taking a poem and ‘setting it to music’ to create a song—in both cases, an existing work of art is translated into an abstract medium of sound or, in my case, colour. 



My paintings are often small in scale and invite careful scrutiny. I paint to varying degrees of ‘finish,’ but always with extremely close attention to detail. Rough edges, exposed paper and visible brush strokes are often retained for their expressive force, but I avoid impasto, drips and other techniques that might draw too much attention to the paint itself—and away from what I am trying to convey through it. I use water-based mediums—acrylic, watercolour and ink—so that I can work quickly and spontaneously. For the same reason, I use watercolour paper or boards instead of canvas.

Although each of my paintings is recognizably my own, my approach is continually evolving. Each new piece is an experiment, an attempt to find a new, more adequate means of expression.

All artworks are for sale, unless otherwise noted. Prices are listed on pages for individual artworks in the gallery section. Please contact me for more information and to enquire about shipping costs. 

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